Document Formatting Standards

All documents presented for recording must meet the following requirements:

By law the registry of deeds can only record original documents or documents certified by a court or another registry.

If required, documents must be signed with an original signature and properly notarized. Names should be legibly printed or typed under all signatures to facilitate indexing.

Deeds and mortgages must reference the Book and Page of the deed associated with the property.

Deeds must state the amount of consideration and have the property address written along the side.

Releases and Discharges: include the book and page number of the affected mortgage or lien document.

Documents must be on white paper and no larger than 8.5 inches by 14 inches

Documents must be printed on one side only

Printing on a document must be sufficient in size and darkness to be reproduced on microfilm and the registry's scanners.

Documents must have a sufficient margin on all sides and a recording information area in the upper right hand corner measuring three inches square. If the document does not have enough room for official registry information to be imprinted a registry cover sheet is required.

Download the Registry Cover Sheet

Download the Document Formatting Standards (PDF)

Download the Indexing Standards (PDF)